Reviews of the Best Stock Picking Services

Looking for the best stock trading newsletters out there?

Below I’ve listed a bunch of  reviews that you can find on this site. This table is comprised of all of the “Newsletter” reviews on this site. You will find below a comparison of penny stock and other swing trading newsletters

RankProductSummaryPrice Editor RatingAction
1Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks
Jason Bond Picks is the only stock trading service that I use for my personal trading. His picks are...

$1475 Visit website
2Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes
Overall, the program set into place by Timothy Sykes fails mostly for those who do not take the time...

$994.5 Visit website
3Microcap Millionaires

Microcap Millionaires
If you plan on trading small cap or penny stocks then its worth it to get some expert advice from ...

$974.5 Visit website
4Fous Alerts

Fous Alerts
Timothy Sykes gives Cameron a good name, and often praises him in his blog and has suggested him as ...

$994 Visit website
5Superman's Stock picks

Superman's Stock picks
Superman is one of the better liked profitly trader with a multitude of positive reviews on the web ...

$1474 Visit website
6Investors Underground

Investors Underground
As far as goes Nathan seems to be only second to Timothy Sykes himself. He seems to have a...

$974 Visit website
7Golden Penny Stock

Golden Penny Stock
Another penny stock newsletter promising millions. Unlike most Golden Penny Stocks does not accept ...

$473.5 Visit website
8Pre Promotion Stocks

Pre Promotion Stocks
If trying your hand on promo penny stocks is your thing then Tom will be a savior to you. If you ...

$1493.5 Visit website
9Penny Stock Conspiracy

Penny Stock Conspiracy
Penny Stock Conspiracy Is Timothy Sykes newest product and is poised to make quite a splash. Most of...

$473.5 Visit website
10Action Alert Plus

Action Alert Plus
Jim Cramer is a well known and animated character that is both mocked and revered by thousands ...

$603.5 Visit website
11Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy
Online Trading academy is a franchised business and their service will vary widely depending on ...

$High3 Visit website
12Gold and Oil Guy

Gold and Oil Guy
A simple newsletter focused on trading in the gold and oil markets. Run by Chris Vermeulen who ...

$593 Visit website
13Mark Croock Alerts

Mark Croock Alerts
Mark Croock or the "honestCroock" is one of the lesser known traders at He is a small cap...

$993 Visit website
14Market Trend Forecast

Market Trend Forecast
MTF provides short, intermediate, and long term forecasts using the Eliot Wave analysis and other ...

$593 Visit website
15Options Trading Signals

Options Trading Signals
This is a very focused newsletter based only on trading options. It is less of a stock picking ...

$962.5 Visit website
16Active Trading Partners

Active Trading Partners
Active Trading Partners is one of the higher priced newsletters out there. Its lower rating is ...

$1492.5 Visit website
17Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet
I would not suggest any newsletter that receives compensation from third parties for stock picks. A ...

$471.5 Visit website
18Penny Stock Egghead

Penny Stock Egghead
"Egghead is structured to be retained by an unrelated third party to perform marketing and ...

$970.5 Visit website


More are sure to be coming soon so check back if your still on the fence about which is right for you.

Learn more about stock picking services

What is a Stock Picking service?

Stock picking is the situation in which an analyst or investor actually uses the systematic form of analysis to conclude that one particular stock will make a good investment and so, it should be added to the portfolio. The process can be very long or too short, but the whole thing will depend on the outlook of the analyst or investor for the price of the particular stock. The process of stock picking is very tough as there is never a foolproof way to find out what a stock’s price will do in the future. An investor needs to consider several factors so that he/she can actually predict this idea of future stock prices instead of relying on absolute guesswork. An analyst who uses any type of forecasting techniques must allow a slight margin error in the calculation simply because forecasting is not a science that the outcome can be exactly calculated. It is a revolutionary method to invest and grow rich in the stock market. The basic target of the stock picking service is to achieve wealth easy for the users.

How does the system work?

Initially, people interested in stock trading had to keep track of the market on their own to make the necessary transactions. They could also hire brokers, who did the work on the client’s behalf or they provided the investor with suggestions for a potential trade. The process was basically manual. With the advancement of technology, the entire business of stock market became internet oriented and the individual brokers lost their importance. The vacancy is now fulfilled by Stock Picking service providers. Stock Pickers are actually the people or group of people who provide with suggestions and education that are necessary to become successful in the stock business. analysts do not recommend the buying or selling of your stock, but they provide you with the indication of what the condition of a certain company might be on the long or short run and they also let you know what transaction they are making. These people have excellent experience related to the stock market and what they are buying or selling really matters! It is obvious that no one will spend money on a bad stock, and thus what an experienced person is doing is worth following.

The Stock Pickers publish their own newsletters, where they give exact description of their own transactions. Once you pay for the newsletter, you are able to know what the stock picker is doing and you too can follow that if you choose to. When you subscribe for the stock picking service, you do not have pour over financial pages for hours and try hard to identify as well as analyze the trends of the market. The service will do that for you. You just have to spend few minutes every day to review the forecasts made by the stock pickers and follow the recommendations and be ready to make the investment decisions. You will get the recommendations that are constantly refined and adjusted so that they reflect the changes in the market conditions. Reputed stock picking companies do not provide you with the computer generated stock picks, but they provide you with first hand recommendations that they gather simply by making the transactions on their own.

Benefits of stock picking services:

There are several things that have been responsible for making the stock picking system one of the favorable investment tools. They are:

  • When you have a stock picking service to recommend the dos and don’ts, you need not to spend much time in following the market trend. You will get the summed up report and all you will need to do is to act accordingly.
  • The stock pickers provide you with the information that they gather by investing their own money and thus you will get to know the exact status of a certain stock.
  • As the recommendations provided by the stock pickers are “first hand” information, there is rare chance of running into a loss.
  • The stock pickers provide you with all the details of their own transactions and thus you get to know which one are the loss maker as well as the profit making ones.
  • The stock pickers will suggest when to buy or when to sell your stock. The selling of stock is actually more important than buying as you can earn only by selling. They will tell you exactly when to sell so that you can have maximum returns.
  • The money management system of the stock picking service providers will help you to stay fully invested as well as diversified.
  • They will post all their transactions for the subscribers at the end of the day and thus you will have the whole night to decide whether or not to act according to their recommendations.

The myth:

It is a myth that the stock picking service providers are actually paid by the companies so that their stocks are promoted to the traders. In reality, nothing like that can happen. As said earlier, the sock picking service providers provide their subscribers with the details of their own transactions. So, you can clearly see the outcome of a transaction and the companies cannot manipulate the stock market. The newsletters published by the stock picker consist of real transaction details and is thus authentic. You can follow the suggestions made by them or can simply ignore them. But you can be sure about the authenticity of the trading descriptions. A company can pay the stock picker to make positive comments on their behalf, but when the transaction will reflect the opposite, the reputation of the service provider will be at stake. No stock picker will ever invest on a drowning company just to get paid, that too for the result that will affect their reputation. So, it is nothing but a misconception that the stock pickers are paid to promote companies and their stocks.

Education provided by the stock picking services:

The average investor decides to buy or sell a stock simply because he or she “feels like” to do so. When you choose to sign up for a subscription and pay for it, you are provided with the necessary education that will help you to make right decision. The experts of the service providers let you to know about the quality of the various companies in the market and at the same time what factors make the companies ascend or descend the stock chart. To make real money in stocks, you need to have the knowledge of how to pick the stocks effectively. You can blindly follow the suggestions provided to you, but your attempt will be more fruitful when you know the basic tricks of stock picking. Stock valuation is often considered to be very arcane as well as difficult. The fact is, most of the investors do not even bother to figure out that it is best to just compare their stocks in relation to their competitors to figure out what is normal and so, what is cheap. This technique of relative valuation can work extremely well in normal market climates. The stock picking service providers helps you to know about the stock valuation technique in detail and thus you can be safe in dealing with your money. The stock picker provides you with the reason for suggesting a certain stock and this thing is actually done in order to educate the investor about the market trend. Guidelines to make transactions in the stock market are also provided by the service provider. So, when you pay for the subscription, you can be sure that you will get to learn the things which are necessary for you to have a successful trade. You can ask questions and will get the required answers from your service provider.

The stock pickers will provide you with alerts and at the same time clarify the reason behind giving the alerts. There are some stock pickers who actually make suggestions and give the alerts on the basis of computerized analysis and they are considered to be of lower quality. The alerts that are accompanied by reasons are the authentic and profitable ones as you will have the goodness of extensive market research and great experience of the experts in them.

Updates and chat facilities:

These newsletters generally provide the investors with real time updates during market hours. The market is open from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm (EST) during which updates of all the transactions are made. You can follow them simply by staying on line. You can also go to the chat room where you will find the other investors and moderators busy in transactions. There are very strict guide lines that need to be followed when you are in the chat room. This is because real transactions take place in the chat room and if you come up with irrelevant questions and comments, the business will be hampered. You will receive the full transaction details from your stock picker at the end of the market hours and then you can decide about your own business. So, when the question is about the frequency of the updates that are provided by the stock pickers, the answer is “daily”.

As said, you can go to the chat room and have live discussions with the modulators as well as other investors. The only important thing is that you have to abide by the rules of the chat room to utilize the chat room facility. In case you fail to do so, you will simply be kicked out of the place. You can speak to your stock picking service provider as well, but the tremendous pressure of taking numerous calls make the thing worse. It is thus best to take the help of email to get the answer of your questions. Some service providers communicate with their clients with the help of video conference and that too is a great way of getting in touch with the experts.


When you are going to put your steps in the stock business for the first time, it will be obvious that you do not have prior experience. You may have the theoretical knowledge of how the thing works, but the reality is totally different from what you have learned. You need to have some great support to show you the right way, else you may lose all that you invest. the best stock picking service will provide you with the best possible suggestions and enable you to make successful trades. If you are serious about your career in the stock market, you can take the help of a investment newsletter and become a successful trader in the future. All you have to do is to find a great service provider and make use of what you learn.


Learn more about Penny Stock Newsletters


Penny Stock Newsletters


If you have been looking for a way to get your money to work for you then investing has probably crossed your mind. After all, chances are you’ve heard a handful of success stories about individuals who made a fortune simply by investing their money in the right product or company. You yourself probably wish that you had invested in Apple or Google before they became the multi-billion dollar giants they are today.




However, what if you don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to invest?




This is where penny stocks and penny stock newsletters come in.




What are penny stocks and how do they work?


Before we can discuss what penny stock newsletters are, it will be helpful to do a quick review of what penny stocks are and how they can potentially make you money in the first place.


Basically, penny stocks are a type of stocks that sells less than $5 per share. Some stocks can be valued at a dollar or even cheaper, hence, earning the name “penny stocks”. These stocks are generally from smaller companies that do not have the size or power to penetrate the larger markets, which is why you will rarely find penny stocks in popular exchanges such as NASDAQ or NYSE.


Instead, penny stocks are commonly purchased via over-the-counter services. In an ideal scenario, the company or product you invested on becomes big in the industry and your stakes also gain a higher value. In the end, you make a large profit on your small investment.


In fact, the “small investment but large rewards” attraction is what draws a lot of investors to penny stocks. However, it must also be noted that penny stocks also come with great risk.


For one thing, stockbrokers usually don’t invest any time researching penny stock companies so it can be difficult to gain any information on them, much less gauge their potential for growth. Due to the stocks’ low prices, the penny stock market can also be prone to scams. The “pump and dump” technique takes advantage of regular investors by manipulating the market. These frauds “pump” in a lot of money and hype into a particular penny stock to make it appear valuable, which of course drives up the price of that stock.


The scammers then dump or sell their stocks so they can receive the currently high price. Once they’ve made their profits, these manipulators pull out their money which drives the stock’s value back down to its starting price, therefore losing money for the rest of the investors.


Due to the unpredictability and high risk associated with penny stocks, many investors are turning to penny stock newsletters for assistance. But just how reliable and genuine are penny stock newsletters?


What are penny stock newsletters?


Despite the presence of penny stock scams in the market, there are many people who became financially rewarded for their investment. The key to having the same success is to make sure you do your research before investing your hard-earned money. Penny stock newsletters aim to help you accomplish just that.


Penny stock newsletters seek to provide:


  • Unbiased research and information on penny stocks
  • Penny stock picks or selection of stocks that are primed to peak and which readers can invest in
  • Expert trading and investment tips
  • Answers to common penny stock investment questions
  • Penny stock trading strategies that will make the most money
  • Chat rooms and social network groups
  • Informational resources like webinars and videos


What can you gain from a penny stock newsletter and its website?


  • Weekly picks


These newsletters are generally updated every week, so subscribers can expect to receive an email on a weekly basis. The emailed newsletter contains the penny stock pick which is typically a small and little-known company. The newsletter will also include the location of the company, as well as its current trading value. A good penny stock newsletter will also feature a detailed introduction of the company and even more detailed reasons why the company has true potential for future growth.


After all, a newsletter can’t just recommend penny stocks without explaining what gives them an edge over other stocks! Why is the company believed to be the next big thing? How big is its current customer base? How far is the reach of its marketing campaign? Is the company similar to any company that also started out small and gained success? When is the company predicted to “boom”?


Information is key when it comes to penny stock newsletters. After all, this is what you are paying to have a subscription for. As mentioned, information on penny stock companies can be difficult to find so you are essentially paying someone to do all the research for you and help you evaluate if the company is worth your investment.


  • Educational material


Some newsletters offer more than just alerts and penny stock tips. It is also common for high-quality newsletters to feature relevant educational material, so that you can start investing even if you haven’t traded before in your life. There are resources that will help you get familiar with the principles of penny stock investing, show you how to begin and teach you the common trading mistakes that most beginners make. Newbies are also encouraged to watch tutorial videos and join webinars. Some newsletters also offer additional products, other than the newsletter itself. These products may include stock scanning software programs and trading tutorial books.


  • Chat rooms


Educational chat rooms are also common, and these are moderated by trading experts if not the newsletter writer himself. However, subscribers must keep in mind that these chat-rooms are governed by a set of guidelines which every participant must follow. For example, off-topic conversations, swearing and posting external links are not allowed. Chat rooms that operate during market hours do not accept questions from beginners, since there are other resources on the newsletter and website that address these concerns.


How much does a newsletter subscription cost?


Many newsletters charge a one-time fee for a lifetime subscription to the newsletter. These newsletters also offer a risk-free trial period for interested parties who wish to give the newsletter a try without making a final commitment. On the other hand, there are other newsletters that offer subscribers a wider range of payment options–from a monthly fee to a discounted annual description. Subscription fees greatly vary so you have to do your homework to look for a newsletter that will give you your money’s worth. Some lifetime subscription fees cost no more than $50 while there are others that can set you back for thousands of dollars.


What are the disclaimers you should be aware of?

Despite the goldmine of information and well-researched picks that penny stock newsletters offer, you should not solely rely on them when making your investment decisions. Although there is no question that penny stock newsletters can be of great help (especially to first-time traders), it is important that you do your own research before investing your hard-earned money. This is because numerous penny stock newsletters are occasionally paid by third party companies for marketing and advertising purposes.


In short, the newsletter is paid by a certain company in order to promote that company’s shares and attract more investors in the process. It is also a possibility that the newsletter’s employees are also shareholders of the stocks that they recommend, therefore benefiting from more people buying stocks.


To find out if a newsletter is being paid to recommend particular penny stocks, read the disclaimer at the bottom of the email or newsletter. Penny stock newsletters are required to disclose if they are being paid by the company that they profile on their alerts.


While you’re checking the newsletter for third-party compensation, you should also read the disclaimer in the newsletter’s website before signing up. This way, you can protect yourself from possible legal issues and financial losses down the road. You will learn that newsletters only function to provide information and marketing. The companies behind them are not licensed financial advisers or investment managers, nor are they registered stockbrokers that you can purchase from.


Therefore, there are no warranties or guarantees in the information that the newsletters provide.


How can you avoid penny stock scams?


Despite the bad rep that penny stocks have gained over the years, it is still possible to make a successful investment as long as you know where to put your money. Aside from doing your own independent research, here are some basic tips to keep in mind to help you avoid getting scammed by penny stock newsletters and promotions.


  • Do not buy success stories. Tall tales about regular Joes who instantly became millionaires just by investing in these or those penny stocks are common red flags of penny stock scams. Even if the success stories are true, there is no way to guarantee that you will make even close to that amount of profits. Would you really want to gamble with your hard-earned money?
  • Read the disclaimer. As mentioned, many newsletters promote a particular company because they are being paid to do so. Reading the disclaimer will help you determine if you are being educated or being played.
  • Trade high-volume stocks. To lessen your risk of losing money, it’s better to choose stocks that have at least 100,000 shares being traded per day.
  • Know when to sell. If you see a good opportunity to make a hefty profit from your stocks within a few days, then you should make the sale. A lot of investors hold on to their stocks, hoping for a larger return only to discover that their stocks are being pumped. When the price drops down, they obviously have a hard time selling their stocks.
  • And lastly: if you are just starting out, start small. Penny stock trading is a highly volatile and unpredictable market. The most reliable newsletters will tell you that you should be prepared for the possibility of losing all your investment. Don’t make the mistake of putting in a large sum of your savings until you have gained enough knowledge and experience in penny stock trading.



Learn more about stock picking software

What is Stock Picking Software?

Stock-picking software is simply a computer program which is created to help you select the best stocks for markets by way of targeting specific situations. Creation of stock picking software took off decades ago when individuals created computer scripts that naturally selected stocks based on different kinds of criteria, market prices, volume, moving averages, reversals, trends, price-to-earnings ratio, market capitalization, and a million other metrics.

softwareToday, it’s essentially similar; many programs are available in this industry today that are either meant to assist you navigate as well as filter data in order to come up with excellent stocks that are based on the information fed or otherwise select the best stocks on your behalf –a pretty dubious thing, as we shall find out.

Ideally, most types of stock picking software nowadays offer some tricks to help you analyze huge volumes of data as well as narrow down several stock choices and selections in a bid to fit the criteria that you choose.

Does Stock Picking Software Really Work?

Admittedly, we all know that there exists software that helps in stock picking but in most cases we do not know whether we should really trust those recommending their use. Stock picking software uses scripts, computers, and algorithms in assisting you select, analyze stock data, apply indicators and also provides a kind of system for stock trading. One of the misguiding factors is that it does everything for you. This is a mistake that you should avoid to prevent loss of focus and investment. The fact here is that this stock picking software is simply as good as the individual using them. In essence, they offer a do-it-yourself capability that largely depends on your input.


Additionally, the types of stock picking software that do not work are those found in infomercials. This specific category of software only promises but fails to give expected results (because they are perhaps illegal), yet happens to come closer to that line that is misleading. There are varieties of software out there that do not work, so before you make your choice ensure they are standard. On the other hand, there are also those that work and are way above most of the available software in terms of performance. We recommend that you select good software from
and that are awesome pieces of software that mass thousands of stocks on the major exchanges and then narrow them down into manageable bits that are based on fundamental and technical factors which you may want to use.


Also, there is a stock picking software that can be very terrific to use especially for those investors who majorly rely on their own judgment and research and understand the kind of metrics that are best suitable for them to use-and the reasons behind that. In this case, they will only give you alternatives to work with and does not therefore pick the stocks for you.


Stock-Picking Software characteristics

  • Analysis of Stock probability and trade signals that help predict stock evolution with a probability of up to 92 % probability
  • Customized research reports. These are made available by stock picking software and are created for all companies and businesses that are listed in the stock market, their relevant company profile, and their financial data on their company as well as an analyst forecast on the manner in which the company/business will perform in the next quarter.
  • A possibility of inspection of every stock.Good picking software helps inspect all the stock from the market as well as the probability that it will either go up or down in the future.
  • Advanced scanners.A good stock picking software integrates with stock probability analysis and helps the traders or investors in easily perform research that is based on specific custom filters.
  • Compares the historical stock market data against the present market trends. This is intended to determine the stock with the highest probability of stocks for any particular day.
  • Algorithms. Great stock picking software helps come up with great research reports, trade signals and algorithms that help verify the accuracy of this software.
  • Very Easy-to-Use software interface.The software provides the necessary information that is clearly highlighted on the main screen.
  • Numerous visual aids .They also provide several diagrams, charts that help analyse the collected data.
  • Free trial period. This software offers you the opportunity to use them before you can decide to use them. In case you like the service you can then purchase it.

trading softwareHowever, it is important to note that not all software will do this job effectively. and offers the best stock picking tools that will help you analyse and scan your stock data. The result that this software offers is simply based on an algorithm. In most cases, these software are accurate in results but you have to take one more step when using them-consider other factors when making your sell or buy decisions. Again, this does not mean that you can let them do the entire job for you. Follow economic and financial news and make sure that you read fundamental and technical market analysis to ensure that you always have a better hand whilst doing this. Get this information from trading experts and professionals.

Always remember that these are tools to aid you in your stock picking operations. What they do is help you do part of your work, so you first must have a good basis of how the market works to avoid losing your investment. Testing this software is absolutely free, so try them and decide if they work for you or not. Also, you can download free trial versions anytime. However, free versions are a little bit sparse when compared to the previous versions. Despite this, the free trial will be a reflection of what you may expect to get from the paid version.

Stock Picking Software – is it reliable or does it simply automate figures?

There sparked heated discussions and debates as to whether or not stock market players can really rely on these software to work out their way up the this business ladder. In fact this began immediately when the stock trading business entered the internet platform. Stock picking software sounds really great but can we really trust them with our money? Does this software work accurately? What sparked these debates is the promise that these software come with greater precision and a higher gaining edge over other stock market players. What followed is a frantic development of the so called AI stock picking software for stock market businesspersons. Since then, all these software have taken a different turning and dimensions.


There are traders arguing that this software is a great help in making stock decisions. They argue in favor of them citing that this software do not over analyse the data and instead help come up with extremely accurate and useful data and discard unnecessary data. Most traders are enemies of themselves. The reason is that they want to use every bit of information they find which in turn confuses them and leaves then at a standstill. Ultimately, this leads to poor decisions and lose of investment.


In contrast, those who oppose this software argue that you remove common sense from trading when you do away with the human factor in making decisions as well as the ability to assess and evaluate stock value. They ask whether a computer can think like a human. They continue to argue that this software cannot go for a “gut feeling” and would therefore not work effectively. Read on because I am about to provide the answer to this debate.
Well, we cannot rule out arguments from both sides. Clearly, a computer cannot work like a human being and either way a human being cannot work like a computer. Also, it is undeniable that stock picking is on a daily basis becoming more and more complicated and sophisticated. However, in my best opinion, it would be dumb to completely ignore the advances and usefulness of this software as tools to assist you in your stock trade business particularly if you are either less experienced or a day trader.


The key to having the stock picking software work for you is using the software as a “tool”. Using it as anything out of this boundary will not assure you any results. Never remove the experience or “common sense” bit out of the stock picking equation. Traders who combine these efforts-common sense plus stock picking software will always have a better hand in this business. With this, you are guaranteed a better chance to succeed. Have you ever asked yourself why almost 90% of novice traders lose their stock within the span of just 3 months? Therefore bringing this software to your help will assist you in making better informed decisions.


To sum up this, trading is simply stock picking. You may fail by picking on the wrong stock at the required time or vice versa. Never mind because getting these entire bits to fit perfectly for you will slowly come to play after some time. It is not all that easy, but at least finding the best stock picking software to work for you can assist you make better decisions bearing in mind that you are he one in control of the software.


So, can is it proper to say that the software is reliable? Well, this will largely depend on the person using the software. You are the one in control and the only person who can make it work for you! Stock picking can at times be very dynamic and very sophisticated with new challenges knocking at every step of the way. However, there is absolutely no reason at all to deny getting the experience as well as the necessities. Learn the ropes step by step and before you know it the more these stock software will be of help.

In case you are planning to learn more on these stock picking software as well as their realistic advantages then the following information discussed below will be of much help in deciding on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Before you make press the buy button, make sure that you have surpassed the stock picking beginner level. This means that you are able to define stock picking terms, their rules and conditions of trade as well as the criterion applicable in stock picking. Once you understand this, using the software will be a breeze.

Then, the software will assist you scan as well as find the stocks that match your criteria. Sell or buy signals are made possible and evident by these software. Once the trading signals have been recognized, you can then proceed with executing the orders. Also, these programs come with the capability to custom them and program them in order to place orders the way you would desire. This is manual and will therefore largely depend on how you have programmed this software to “work” for you.

So, this is the process:

  • Criterion and rules are inscribed for the software.
  • The stock trading software easily matches up your stocks in accordance with your criteria and proceeds to make trading signals for selling and buying.
  • The execution of stock orders is done.

As stated earlier, it is essential that you first make sure you have sufficient trading experience and knowledge for this stock picking market and that you are familiar the  basics that go alongside stock investment concepts. Here is a savior tip! Avoid using the software in case you have not learnt what stock picking really entails. A good understanding if this and the experience of the technical bits will just make stock business trade a hobby and a business. Follow these criteria if you really want to stay long in the market and make profits in your bid to scan and find stocks.

What Are The Benefits of Using Stock Trading Software?

There are numerous benefits of using this stock picking software.

  • Manages your portfolio – With this software, you are able to easy man your investment and the risk reward ratios. Also, the software will help you monitor your stocks efficiently.
  • Avoid fear and greed – Proper emotional balances is a critical factor in stock trading. This is one of the most critical factors as to why investors lose their investments. Most of them are aware of this but always fail in making better decisions because they allow their emotions to control the decision making process. This is a big challenge though and so be careful to avoid falling trap. Using the software at critical moments as this will help make decisions that are of sound mind.
  • Time saving – We all understand that stock picking is a world of investment stocks. This thereby requires the help of stock picking software to help manage this within the shortest time possible. Also, the software enables you to make proper investment opportunities that are based on your collected stock picking strategy.

Finally, choose stock picking software that can easily fit into your objectives. Obviously, there are several types of software in the market and will always vary in price points for stock picking. Find the most suitable one for yourself. There are fully automatic and semi automatic stock picking software available. So, when using this semi-automatic software package, you place your orders yourself. In contrast, the fully-automatic software lets you buy and sell stock automatically in case it is what you want. Stock picking software is ideally indispensable for swing traders, day stock picking and option traders. Generally, the software is most ideal for short-term traders but long-term traders can also use this 100% money back guarantee software!