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Jason Bond Picks is the only stock trading service that I use for my personal trading. His picks are precise, well researched, and timely. Lots of great educational material on his members site as well. Jason has a high end service that will give you everything you are looking for. Definitely worth the price when compared to other services.

An Introduction to Penny Stocks

If you’ve never traded penny stocks before, then it may be difficult to follow the article that you are about to read. To help you understand what Jason Bond does, it will help to be familiar with a few key aspects regarding the stock market.

The first step of trading penny stocks is making “picks”. Picks are companies that you choose to support and invest in. You make or lose money depending upon how well your picks do in the market. For instance, if you make an investment in Penny Stock A and the company takes a turn for the better, you have the opportunity to earn thousands (depending upon how much money you’ve allowed yourself to spend on that pick). You also have the opportunity to lose thousands if something goes wrong.

Another important thing to note about beginning in the trading business is the determination and perseverance required to earn cash. There is no miracle choice you can make that will earn you millions; you have to learn to make wise decisions.

Now, many ask themselves when they are starting out what the right investments are. In truth, there is no way for an inexperienced trader to tell the difference between a stock pattern leading toward a spike and a stock pattern leading toward a crash.

This is why those new to the game need to look for mentors and programs, much like that of Jason Bond. These more experienced traders sell their knowledge and expertise for a price, and you learn at the hands of them. Very few who ignore mentors, programs, and newsletters actually turn a decent profit. Again, the more time you put into the business, the more money you are likely to get out of it. There is no magic answer.

jason signup

Who is Jason Bond ?

Jason Bond is an American stock trader and entrepreneur. He mentors newcomers through his trading business, “Jason Bond Picks.” He is widely published on several different blogs and websites, and has a fairly successful reputation.

Jason Bond Picks started off as a single newsletter but then morphed into other service offerings such as courses in swing trading, day trading, and short selling,” says a recent featured newsletter on Investimonials.com. “Each course specializes in various aspects of the market and enables clients to be autonomous in their investing decisions via his teaching.”

In other words, Jason Bond Picks is more than simply a one-time letter than is available as a singular resource. The program has morphed into something much more useful.

the three best things you will get with a subscription are:

timely stock alerts via text or email

– Full time (and well moderated) day trading chat room. 

– Video lessons pre-recorded by Jason as well as periodic live webinars where questions can be asked.

 Video Lessons

Here are a small portion of Jason’s “The Basics” there are multiple videos to help any brand new trader get the info they need so that they can be trading on Jason’s level in no time. He also has periodic lesson videos and webinars that teach lessons directly related to things going on in the market.

the basics videos

What are Jason’s advantages?

First of all, Jason Bond is a really awesome name, despite the less appealing career option. Don’t you just picture a man wearing black saving the day and getting the girl when you hear his name?

All joking aside, most reviews about Jason Bond Picks are positive.

“Bond also provides a personal touch in each of his services by answering emails and questions daily,” shares an Investimonial review.

It’s also difficult to find someone more qualified for the job. Bond has an extensive background right on Wall Street. Bond is a well established Wall Street trader, and has a great track record when it comes to short-term investments. He relates well to others, perhaps partially due to his time spent as a public school teacher in New York City.

Not to mention Bond is completely open about his past. His portfolio is accessible by all members of his program, giving them the opportunity to see for themselves what stocks he has taken a chance on, what has paid off, and what hasn’t. Some stocks aren’t even worth the risk by Bond’s standard; and those who subscribe will quickly learn what those are.

They tools are invaluable in the stock business. But, they are no good if the person who wields them cannot be trusted.

You can see the details of his recent win with LQMT here.

What are Jason’s disadvantages?

In all fairness, everyone makes mistakes once in a while. It’s perfectly possible that Jason Bond made a pick that didn’t pay off. Perhaps the company took a plunge due to a completely unexpected situation. Either way, however, it doesn’t help Bond’s case.

Jason Bond doesn’t show his losing stock picks on the home page of his blog. All those who sign up for his service have continuous access to his full portfolio which shows the stock ticker, the price he bought it at, the number of shares, and his current profit and loss. So though it may not be shown to non subscribers he shares all of his wins AND loses to his community.


Pulling all of the information together, Jason Bond does offer a useful program with mostly positive reviews. There are many skeptics out there but most seem to be pushing their own product with bad reviews on his.

Though not everyone is a skeptic. leave me a comment below and tell me how your Jason Bond experience went.

You can sign up for Jason’s free email list here to receive some of the free picks he sends out and get some more information.

Jason Bond has one service Jason Bond Picks his swing trading service that you can sign up for  quarterly or yearly depending on your choice, but there is a discount if you sign up for a longer time. So if you find yourself renewing your subscription the I would look into one of the longer times.


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Jason Bond Picks


Jason Bond Picks is the only stock trading service that I use for my personal trading. His picks are precise, well researched, and timely. Lots of great educational material on his members site as well. Jason has a high end service that will give you everything you are looking for. Definitely worth the price when compared to other services.

Rated 5 stars


    • says

      Well penny stocks are definitely not for beginners, but if your looking for a great place to start them Jason Bond picks original service is still perfect for starting. As to being a good guide for penny stocks we will find out if his new service penny stock pro is any good. To start with he is limiting the seats to 1000 which is a very good sign that he is serious about making a legit penny stock newsletter.

  1. Mitch Morgan says

    Yes, his service seems to be legitimate, I have tried it for 3 months. My experience is that he really tries to pick legitimate stock picks for lower priced stocks. I also like a similar service called RocketCharts except they focus on higher priced stocks. Just a different approach, but I’ve really liked them both.

  2. Brian Man says

    Highly Recommend Jason Bond Picks. I’m a subscriber, and couldn’t be happier. I’m a super happy paying customer, and not paid to write this. I have learned more from Jason’s very simple videos in 3 weeks than I learned in years about trading and picking stocks. Nothing out there better in my opinion.. Join and I’ll see you on the live chat during trading hours. His chat is strictly business during trading hours with well over 600 members (for the most part) logged on daily the chatroom. Again, I couldn’t be happier with Jason Bonds Picks. He is truely a teacher and a professional… I also want to mention the other subscribers have been very helpful in offering up their thoughts on the boards, providing news and other quality information as it comes across the wires. With a group like this it really make a huge difference. Again it’s all business during chat hours.. Very strict chat rules. There is a separate chat room (Coffee Lounge) for “other chat” or questions.. Very professional and a place to get great info to make very good trades in my opinion… No reason to be skeptical with subscribing to Jason Bond Picks. It’s as real as it gets. You should see some of the profits subscribers take in a day! Missed out on $560.00 in profits today because of my real job!!

  3. Kyle D says

    “I was a profitable trader before joining Jason, but Jason Bond Picks has helped create more trading opportunities for me. Jason, Luke, Bart, and the Community constantly point out good ideas in the chatroom. Since joining, I have paid off all my student loans that I accrued at UCLA and have saved a lot of money. Most people my age will be paying off school debt for many years to come, and Jason Bond Picks has helped me eliminate mine very quickly. Since I joined about 4 months ago on April 23, I am up $172,410

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