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Free stock trading tools are a great help for beginner investors. If you are interested in stock market investing, you should start using them before actually starting to trade. Practicing with hypothetical stocks and with free stock trading tools will help you get the hang of it for when actual money will be involved in trading. If you already started to trade, you probably know the importance of reliable stock trading tools. One of the most complex and reliable stock investing tools are provided by NASDAQ.

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NASDAQ offers a platform of premium free stock trading tools that help investors make better, informed decisions. You will find, on NASDAQ website, a section dedicated to stock trading and investing tools – explore it and learn how to use all this tools for your benefit. Here are the most important tools you will find on NASDAQ platform and how it can help you:


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  • NASDAQ Dozen analyzes the twelve most important technical and fundamental aspects of any stock: revenue, earnings per share, return on equity, recommendations, earning surprises, forecast, earnings growth, PEG Ratio, industry earnings, days to cover, insider trading and weighted alpha (a measure of one year growth with emphasis on the most recent price activity). Nasdaq Dozen makes fail/pass recommendations on stocks, making it easier for you to decide whether to invest or not in a certain stock.


  • Risk Grades helps you determine and measure the degree of risk associated with different stocks, The relative risk is bench-marked against the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500. Risk Grades is based on all the components of market risk: equity, interest rate, currency, and commodity risk.

All you have to do is add a ticker and it will give you a risk assessment for that stock.

Risk Metrics Scale


  • Annual Reports – Nasdaq offers you the opportunity to get, for free, the annual reports of the companies you are interested in. All you have to is fill in a form and you will get in the mail or you will be able to download the annual report for up to 25 companies. The annual report is one of the most powerful company research tools available.

Nasdaq Annual Reports Service

  • Guru Screener is a tool that allows you to see the stock through the eyes of the most important, most successful investors of our times. You have the possibility to find stocks that have some interest or strong interest from two, three, four or five gurus. Also, you can select stocks based on guru interest for different types of investments: growth/value investor, small cap growth investor, value investor, contrarian investor, P/E growth investor, momentum investor, price/sales investor and growth investor.


  • Guru Analysis is a tool that shows you how a certain stock would be evaluated based on different technical and fundamental analysis theories of guru investors, such as Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and others. The tool uses nine different evaluation methodologies based upon the published analysis of well known market gurus and other popular techniques.


  • Portfolio Wizard – is a dynamic, interactive tool that randomly selects stocks from industries at your choice and shows you the performance of the hypothetical portfolio. This tool is a great learning tool for investors still in training, offering the opportunity to measure the historical performance of different types of portfolios. Fun and user friendly, this stock trading tool teaches you how to build a strong, profitable portfolio.


  • Stock Consultant is a technical stock analysis tool that calculates the support and resistance levels for a stock and helps you determine entry and exit points. This tool is very helpful when it comes to find out which stocks make the best additions to your portfolio. You can get as many as eight free consultations per day on or you can sign up for premium membership.


  • Stock Screener from is powered by and provides to investors the opportunity to search stocks based on a variety of criteria, such as size and share volume, price and price changes, broker rating and changes, sales, growth and estimates, valuations, return on investment dividends, margins and turnover and many others. You can also build multiple custom screens and save them on your account. The stock screener is one of the most powerful stock trading tools and it’s virtually indispensable for successful investors.


  • Stock Comparison allows you to compare side by side four stocks at a time. The comparison is made based on price, fundamental, analyst and technical information. The page uses color coding and graphs that allow you to quickly compare the stocks.

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